Who trusts SentiMonitor

    Priscilla Dutra - Digital Marketing Supervisor at LG in Brazil

"We chose Sentimonitor as a partner in social media intelligence at LG/Brazil not only for the platform’s flexibility and depth, but also for its [the company’s] expertise on integration with other partners and flexibility to attend to businesses’ specific requirements.”


   Laura Marcon - Marketing Manager at Egalitê RH Especiais

"I’m able to extract excellent data, information and understand the needs of our audience, which guides a great deal of our production content. Even though the platform is easy to use, the support resources available are super detailed and helpful on the doubts that come up."


   Luisa Bettio - Planning director at Pereira & O’Dell

“I’m a Sentimonitor fan. The software has advanced analysis tools with great flexibility and the analysts go deep on the data to deliver high-quality information. The customer service and support teams are always very close – they live the monitoring with us." 




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    Influencers discovery

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    Competitive intelligence

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    Brand defense 


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