About Sentimonitor

We are a technology company for monitoring, intelligence and decision-making

Sentimonitor, helps your team to get insights on content production, find out influencers to spread the word, monitor your competition on social media and keep track of your brand’s performance data on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and over 1.000.000 websites and blogs.

Our monitoring tool’s customization and integration services makes sure that the social media insights obtained are integrated to your Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Services Center

and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems without stress, and that our solution works with synergy with your partners and suppliers.

We founded Sentimonitor by the end of 2008 as a Big Data and data science consulting. Since 2010, we are focused on evolving the social media analysis tool and its ecosystem. Our clients are large, medium and small sized organizations on sectors such as finance, beverage, e-commerce, media, electronics, elections and public administration.


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