Working in Teams

When monitoring a topic on the internet, it is possible that the amount of posts related to that topic will be too much for just one person to deal with (for example, a big brand could be cited hundreds of times a day on social media). In some cases, it could be more efficient to allow other people to deal with the monitorings at the same time. Sentimonitor allows multiple users to collaborate, so that some can be responsible for the administration of the monitorings, others are responsible for the revision of posts and a third group of users are responsible for the analyses and reports.

To allow other users to work on your account, go to the menu and click Permissions.

Menu de acesso à area de Permissões

Account Permissions

Sentimonitor allows different users to collaborate on all of an account’s monitorings. Therefore, it is possible to create a work team, where various accounts have permissions to change the main account’s monitorings.

To create a work team for monitorings on your account, click Add users under Account Permissions. Note that the user added on this screen will have permission to change all monitorings on your account (existing and new), according to the permissions that you select.

Adicionar permissões de conta

On giving account permissions to a user, the following options will be available:

Opções disponiveis para adicionar permissões de conta

Monitoring Permissions

As well as the account permissions, it is possible to define individual permissions for each monitoring. If a user allows another to access a certain monitoring, this doesn’t allow them to access other monitorings.

To allow a user access to a monitoring, click on the Add users button, below the monitoring that you want them to have access to:

Adicionar Permissões em Monitoramento específico

Sentimonitor will show a screen where you need to enter the email of the account that will receive the permissions, and which permissions will be authorised. Each permission will give the new user access to certain interactions within Sentimonitor. Therefore, it is recommended that you only give out the necessary permissions to carry out certain activities.

Opções disponíveis ao adicionar permissões em Monitoramento

As there are lots of permissions, they will be grouped according to the role that the user is going to carry out using Sentimonitor.

After selecting the necessary permissions, the user must click Add user on this screen. From this moment, the user that receives the permissions will have access to the monitoring. Note that, on the shared user’s screen, the monitoring will be shown with a small icon in the top right corner, indicating that it is controlled by another user.

Monitoramento compartilhado