Mass Revision/Batch Classification

As well as manual revision/classification, Sentimonitor allows the mass classification of posts. Through mass classification, the user can modify several attributes of a set of filtered posts at the same time, saving time and automating the work.

To see the mass classification panel, click on the “Batch Classification” bar, just below the main navigation menu.

Painel para classificação em massa

On the batch classification panel, choose which actions you want to apply to posts:

Ações para executar durante a classificação em massa

To add an action to be executed in the mass filtering, click on + add action. To remove an action, click on the trash icon on the right.

When you are ready to execute a mass classification, click the button Apply actions.

After executing the classification, the number of posts analysed and the number of posts modified by the actions will be shown. Click on the button Refresh Results to update the current page with the alterations made by the mass classification.

Classificação em Massa concluída