Revision of Posts and Authors

As well just as collecting posts from social medias, Sentimonitor automatically detects the language and the tone (sentiment) of each post. For clients who have the add-on of topics and tags classification, it is also possible for tags to be added automatically each post.

Despite the efficient classification process, it may be necessary to manually revise and edit the tags made by Sentimonitor (to exclude spam, to add new tags etc.).

As standard, the posts shown are in a simplified form. This format shows just the relevant part of the text and information.

Apresentação simplificada de postagem

To revise a post, move the mouse over the text in question. The available options will appear to correct what you want to be shown, as well as further details about the post.

Apresentação expandida de postagem

It is possible to show the options for all posts, without having to move the mouse by selecting Show all from the menu above the messages:

Expandir postagens

While your mouse is hovering over the post (or the Expand Posts option is active), it’s possible to consult or edit the following: