Presentation Mode (“Dashboards”)

Sentimonitor can be configured to show real time updates on screens. This is called Presentation Mode, and can be activated by clicking the Reports, Export and Presentation Mode button:

Botão "Relatórios, Exportações e Modo Apresentação"

Next, click the option Presentation.

Tela de Relatórios, Exportações e Modo Apresentação

Presentation Mode is configured to match the selected filters (see Filtering Posts). Therefore, you can get the presentation mode to show only the posts which interest you, like for example those from a particular social media, with certain words or sentiments.

After activating Presentation Mode, the Sentimonitor screen will be adapted so that it’s suited better to bigger screens.

Modo Apresentação do Sentimonitor

While Presentation Mode is active, it will alternate between graphics and the social medias selected every few seconds. In every update, any new posts detected will potentially be shown.

After activating Presentation Mode, it’s possible to return to the standard Sentimonitor mode by pressing ESC on the keyboard.

The Presentation Mode has a settings menu, which allows you to personalise the functions. To access these settings, move the mouse over the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the screen.

Opções disponíveis no Modo Apresentação

The following options are available in this menu: