Internet Clipping

To monitor online newspapers, blogs and discussion forums, just select Internet Clipping in the drop-down menu, add the search keys and select the languages you want to collect.

Cadastro de busca de Clipping de Internet

As standard, Sentimonitor will return results from news sites, blogs and forums containing the words and phrases from the search keys. To limit the search to just news, blogs or forums, include the following filters in the search keys:

To search compound terms or phrases, use speech marks (") to register a search. For example, enter the term "social media" to monitor news that includes the word social followed by the word media.

Upon including to or more words in a search, all words must exist in the news to be returned in the search results. It’s possible the operator OR to carry out more complex searches. For example, to monitor the word SentiMonitor in just news sites and blogs (ignoring discussion forums), enter the search key SentiMonitor (site_type:news OR site_type:blogs).

The monitoring of Internet Clippings can return news based on variations of the words. For example, if you register the word European, it is possible that the search will include clippings with just the word Europe. If you would rather that all clippings only contain one specific word, and no variations, add the dollar sign (”$”) at the end of the word. For example, to monitor the solely word European, enter the search key european$.