How does it work?

24 hours a day, seven days a week Sentimonitor collects posts which match the criteria set by the user, stores them in your database and analyses them with our advanced programmes. The platform will then present you with results showing the most important posts on each social media, the main influencers, indicators of reach, engagement and volume all within an interface which allows you to explore the information and produce reports.

When using Sentimonitor, the user will choose the things they would like to monitor (for example, their brand name or a phrase used in promotion campaigns) and the relevant social medias (for example, Facebook or Twitter). From this moment, Sentimonitor will search in for every time those things come up in the selected social medias and the user will be able to use this information to direct the strategic decisions online.

With the diverse applications offered by Sentimonitor, it is possible to discover: