Sentimonitor is a social media intelligence tool intended for discovering and keeping track of the people, posts and stories that really matter to your clients on social media.

Sentimonitor collects posts, tweets and messages containing terms that interest you 247, stores them in your database, and analyses them using advanced algorithms. This data is then presented so you can see the posts, people, messages and stories which matter most to you and your clients, giving you indicators of your engagement performances, reach and growth!

Sentimonitor is used for public administration, campaign committees, advertising and publicity agencies , news agencies and a variety of other segments that use social media as a form of intelligence, planning and research.

With one of the most advanced social media monitoring and analysis technologies in Brazil, Sentimonitor has won the support of many innovation agencies, such as CNPQ, FINEP and FAPERGS, and has been recognised and selected for multiple competitions at startup and innovation events worldwide, such as La Red Innova (São Paulo, 2012), Spin RedEmprendia (Madrid, 2012), Web Summit Alpha Startups (Dublin, 2013) and Missão Brasileira (SXSW Startup Village, Austin, 2014).